I’m Here to Sell Real Estate

Perhaps you already know that at Pragster Reality, we’re no fans of fines. And as a specialist in the sale of real estate in Prague we have something extra. The seller pays no commission. How is this possible? We add the compensation for our agency to the property price that we agree on with the seller. The buyer pays the commission, and the seller receives his entire requested amount.

What can you expect from us?

We will have a professional photographer take pictures of your property. With impressive photos, it will stand out in the flood of advertisements and gain the needed attention.

We will secure advertising for you. Whoever wants to sell real estate in Prague, cannot just display their offer. At Pragster Reality we pride ourselves in providing precise wording and perfect photographs. We work with ad statistics, and based on them we know what kind of response to a property we can expect. We share data with you, the seller, giving you information on whether the price has been set appropriately. Meanwhile the numbers tell us how fast real estate is sold. Thus we can protect you from an unnecessary nod to the discounts that buyers often want.

We will also get your offer out to foreign clients. The sale of real estate in Prague has long since ceased to apply just to locals and it would be a mistake not to exploit this. We translate our advertisements in order to reach an even wider range of potential buyers.

After a successful viewing, we will secure the needed contract documents. We cooperate with a proven law firm, on which we and you can both rely to ensure that everything will be in perfect order.

We will organize the escrow. The reservation fee and the purchase price will remain in escrow until the money is released as per the contract. This is safe and fair for the seller, the buyer, and us.

We will submit the petition to register the title to the property in the land registry and thus spare you the task of hunting for the right land registry office counter

We stay with you from the very beginning to a successful end. We talk with you about how the sale is coming along. We offer solutions where needed. We ensure a smooth course for the whole process—after all, we are Pragster Reality, and so we stand behind this.

Do you want help with the sale of real estate in Prague? Write or call us!