Real estate is our business.
Not sanctions.

About Us

There are many real estate agencies. Those that specialise in real estate in Prague are few. And there are very few that don’t feel the need to threaten their clients with sanctions. We’ve decided to change this. At Pragster Reality, we don’t bind the client with the fear of fines. We believe that our service and professionalism are so convincing that we don’t have to waste time with unnecessary paragraphs in our contracts. Instead, we devote ourselves to making sure that our clients leave us satisfied.

Although occasionally we also deal with the sale of real estate in other parts of the country, we focus mainly on the sale and purchase of real estate in Prague. Our specialisation forms the basis for our success. The sale of real estate in Prague is therefore a challenging discipline. It requires the right way to draw up an ad that will stand out from other offers, monitor demand and depending on it work with the price. Communicate with potential buyers, a lot of the time in a foreign language because real estate in Prague is markedly international. Finally affirm a successful sale at a reliable law firm and provide the buyer with a financial service if required. You will find all this with us at Pragster Reality.

Our Founder’s Story

"I started working in real estate before the recession, in 2006. I gained experience, rejoiced in my successes, and learned from my failures. Then, a turning point came. A client of the real estate office that employed me had to pay a fine for no good reason. And I said to myself: this is enough. I covered the client’s loss from my own commission and left that agency determined to do things differently. I founded my own firm which does not need to wield fines and really does live through dealing with real estate in Prague."

-Daniel Madar, founder of Pragster Reality