Prague Real Estate

The sale of real estate in Prague involves discipline that real estate specialists also often struggle with. Prague is a world in itself and what applies elsewhere does not have to apply here. Get to know the main specifics of the Prague real estate market.

Appearance matters. Particularly for real estate in Prague

Prague buyers are demanding. Long gone is the time when it was enough just to take photos of a clean apartment. Real estate in Prague must also be perfectly presented which is mainly a matter for specialised real estate photographers. Professional photos show all the positive aspects of real estate and it sells quicker and better a lot of the time.

40% of real estate in Prague is purchased as an investment

The latest data shows that almost half of real estate in Prague is purchased as an investment. It is not just a good way of utilising spare cash. A lot of new owners intend to offer an apartment for long-term or short-term lease. And they adapt their choice accordingly. Thus real estate should be presented so its investment potential is clear.

Foreigners also buy real estate. Prague is very popular among them

Have you any idea what is important for potential Russian buyers when purchasing real estate? Which districts do English-speaking customers prefer? And what type of real estate do Vietnamese clients look for? The purchase and sale of real estate in Prague is an international affair and the seller should know how to exploit this.

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